Generate Revenue Within A Geographical Location For A Startup Business

Startups face competition in a fairly congested arena, and to surface from the depths of anonymity to a position of strong visibility calls for the right SEO strategy. Startups that focus on a targeted geographical location would do well to look at creating the local pack listings. With limited space for three entities, and encroaching ads featuring on the SERPs, it is all the more important to feature atop the listings to stay relevant with a fighting chance at success. Touted as one of the most dynamic SEO agencies in Bhubaneswar, assisting businesses to move up the listings, Unitplex Solutions Pvt Ltd offers bespoke SEO & digital marketing services that cater to the needs of start-ups. We drill down to the basics, to show how we assist startups to harness the potential of digital marketing.

Local SEO - Users Preference

On the digital pulse of local ranking factors

Local ranking involves factors that determine the why and how of listings.  The three businesses that get to feature in the local pack on the first page of SERP right below the ads are displayed by virtue of meeting the ranking factors better than all other entities that drown in a sea of anonymity. With Unitplex Solutions Pvt Ltd you can expect to read the pulse of the ranking factors better and figure on the top of the local pack. It is not without reason that our SEO services in Bhubaneswar have been the most sought after among start-ups.


Ride piggyback on the success of local pack listings and channel more traffic to your website

Depending on the nature of your service or product, a prospect may choose to directly make a purchase or look for further information. Regardless of the nature of action initiated by the user, you stand to benefit by being listed higher. With more traffic being driven to your website, your rankings stand to improve and this in turn contributes to your local pack listing. It is similar to triggering a cycle of activity that drives your ranking.  With the right content, visual appeal and information on your website, you can retain visitors for a longer period on your site, increasing the prospects of a sale or a relationship.

Establishing presence targeted city

Startups aiming to establish a strong presence in a particular city need to have a physical presence in the city in order to figure on the local pack or local finder.  Demographics play a pivotal role in deciding the location where you would like to be associated with, for better visibility. Choose your location wisely as Google would inevitably launch a search based on the location of the individual initiating the search. So, if your data mining has indicated a stronger demand in a particular locality, you would do well to establish a presence or a front office close to that location.

As the numbers of users logging in from mobile devices well, it is important that you also incorporate AMP, an acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages for better page load time. It would not be long before the lightning icon indicating AMP influences your page ranking, determining your shot at the increased business.

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